Rui Couto
Spends the day doing CEO stuff.
Pragmatic, loses his head for technology always with the future in mind.
Loves sushi and is a specialist in organizing team building activities.
Patrícia Cunha
Responsible for the organization and finances of Netgócio, always aiming to innovate.
Promotes the development of each team member.
Great appreciator of the good pleasures of life, family, friends and a nice and relaxing spa.
Helena Cerqueira
HR Manager
Fascinated by the HR area, she is an enthusiast for human behavior. She considers herself a very positive professional and her main focus is the people in the company.
Likes to travel and the sun and the beach are his perfect escape to relax.
Loves Pessoa's poetry and just like him, she has in her all the dreams of the world.
Ana Almeida
Técnica de RH
Gosta de lidar com pessoas e daí a sua paixão pela área de RH. Comprometida em tudo aquilo que faz, acredita que valorizar as pessoas é fundamental para trazer resultado à empresa e para a vida. Preza por dedicar boa parte dos seus tempos livres à família e amigos. Adora viajar e acredita que a vida é muito melhor com….chocolate.
Augusta Araújo
Davide Sampaio
Responsible and enthusiastic, he finds in programming the formula to be better every day. He loves to meet new challenges and exceed them. When not in <? Php? >, he is in "family man" mode.
Nuno Mota
Victorian by passion and devoted father, he is also known as our "Google Man". Customization and customer service is his primary mission. He thinks the man does not predict the future, but can certainly help to create it.
Flora Leite
Administrative Assistent
Versatile and good mood, she seizes any given challenge with determination and responsibility. Strong defender of her ideals and that laughter is the best medicine. So it is at work as in life, for "life is too short to be insignificant”.
Alina Carvalho
Sales Manager
The quest for maximum efficiency, concern for continuous improvement and focus on goals characterize her work dynamics. Without fear of the unknown, believes that every day is good to change something.
Passionate about Human Rights and the Environment, sees in the volunteering as a contribute to a better world.
João Barroso
His fascination with interpersonal relationships makes him consider the commercial area as "something of his own." One of his most notable features is his constant attention to trends in contemporary marketing.
Eduardo Naia
Unconditional support to his customers highlights him as a person with remarkable loyalty. Enjoys photography, traveling and loves to venture into the kitchen.
Paula Castro
Determined, persistent and focused on results, these is what defines her. Loves to face challenges. Her motto is to exceed expectations.
Ana Ferreira
Investment Projects Consultant
A born fighter. Always with well defined goals and without leaving aside what is most important for her, family and friends.
Seizes every opportunity with motivation and responsibility.
Very observant and introverted, always has a smile on her face and time to help a friend.
Duarte Castro
Consultor Web
Tânia Vargas
Comercial Marketer
Passionate about marketing, copywriting and music, these are the areas she likes to develop.
An enthusiast of digital marketing and a known multitasker, likes to face challenges.
In her free time we can find her playing Harmony Horn, taking care of animals or traveling in and out of Portugal.
Sandra Duarte
Digital Marketer / Community Manager
An known “Worklover”, believes that the digital world is the way for everything. Her goals are personal and professional growth, ensuring that her work meets expectations. Likes to dream, to risk and to achieve. In her free time she changes the heels for the tennis and practice sport.
Lavinia Otet
Digital Marketer
Determined and persistent, these are the words that define her. In life, has only three priorities: Family, Career and “Vitória”.
Rui Figueiredo
Juliano Barbosa
Helena Rodrigues
Defender of "less is more" and blank spaces. She says that instead of "Magellans", the government should have distributed Macs because everything is more beautiful ... Likes animals, doing karate and is very perfectionist.
Carla Moreira
The passion for the arts is a daily inspiration. She likes to contribute to the creation of new projects. In her spare time, her hobbies are summarized to her commitment as the best "full time mom".
Diogo Costa
Miguel Fernandes
Overcoming challenges is a constant challenge and he hates to throw the towel! Some of his hobbies are sports and music, trying to have fun in everything you do.
Nuno Costa
Dedicated and thorough, he attempts to get better with each new challenge. He is passionate about motorsports and loves movies.
Rui Sá
Enthusiastic for movies and documentaries, loves everything that envolves science and technology.
He feels comfortable in programming area and tries to improve himself in every challenge.
Carlos Sampaio
His programming weapons are versatility and speed.
Is passionate for movies and digital games.
Luís Cunha
Loves programming and technologies and for him family is te most importante thing.
Loves cars since he was born, blood color is red so his football club is Benfica.
Tiago Oliveira
A passionate about technology, always looking to learn and expand horizons. Most of his free time are spend exploring technology or studying football.
Bernardino Silva
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